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The First Congregational Church of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts


Our Story


The “Our Story Ministry,” (also known as the “Historians”) was formed and began its work in January of 2018.  Our goal is to uncover and share the rich and vibrant history of our historic church with everyone.  As we approach the 300th anniversary of our founding in 1723, this goal has become even more important.  

Do you have as many questions as we do?  How did all of those founding families make their journey to settle in Shrewsbury?  Did the men come ahead of the women and children, or did they all come together?  How did their wagons and animals make it across the Assabet River?  Were there bridges in 1719?  There are so many things we can only imagine!  


Please enjoy this website!  We hope that the information we share allows your imagination to become knowledge.  Many questions will be answered here, and other questions will be prompted.  Please let us know your questions and we’ll try to dig for the answers.  Our church is your church, and we are so proud of its rich heritage.  You only need to enter its doors in order to belong.  “No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!”


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Historical Sketch of Shrewsbury

Revolutionery Pensioners of Shrewsbury

The Blue Laws of 1838

A Turkey Tale

Background -The Horse Sheds